Whether you are dreaming of your first bicycle trip or you are a seasoned cycling tourist, Via Epona – Terroirs à Bicyclette is the app you need.

Free of charge, Via Epona lets you generate your own journey, including customized deviations through points of interest relevant to you. Lodgings are also suggested along the road.

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The Project

We both encountered, like many first-timers, difficulties during our first bicycle trip.

Riding along an inadequate path or wrongly anticipate one's actual capability may completely spoil the experience.

After having been there ourselves and handled such a failure, we started to grow this idea.

We wanted to make bicycle trips, short or long, more accessible to everyone without them knowing the difficulties we experienced.

Moreover, we are in love with discovering terroirs. This French concept encompasses local traditional knowledge coupled with micro climates and soil specificities. Wine making is the perfect representative of what terroir means, but it also applies to cheese, to small producers growing their fruits or making their Charcuterie, and more! Exploring a terroir usually means a genuine experience.

We therefore had the idea to bind the discovery of terroirs to bicycle travel and easing both for the many.

We gave this idea a name: Via Epona.

Xavier and Grégory

I am cycling tourist

Do you also have this wanderlust, this longing to explore on your own terms? To discover local and genuine gems? To reach them through hidden and safe crossroads? Via Epona is designed for you.

I am tourism professional

We are here to help you further develop cycling tourism on your territory. Our expertise in complex data analysis is at your disposal.