Via Epona

Traveling at your own pace, freely, without constraints.

Soak up with what each kilometer has to offer.

Rediscover what is in the vicinity, differently.

Or explore a yet-unknown area according to your tastes.

Feel genuine experiences from the terroir and local heritage.

Spend the night in a lodging along the road.

Via Epona is all that.

Feeling alive

Move along at your own pace on a bicycle. Feel everything.

In the great outdoors

Sun on your skin, a light breeze, the smell of the neighboring forest.


Cycling is the freedom of going wherever, whenever.


Nothing like a physical activity, even a light one, without stress and in the open.

Far from day-to-day

A few kilometers is all you need to really feel on holidays.


Everyone loves to go, no one loves to cause harm.

Peace of mind

Disconnect and just take the time, this is what life is about!


Getting rewarded by finding out unique and genuine gems.


Sky is the limit!